Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
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Breast Life or Mastopexy is a cosmetic surgical procedure to change the shape of the breasts without implants, generally to attain a “lifting” effect. The procedure may involve the repositioning of the areola and nipple, removal of excess skin and the lifting of breast tissues; and is usually an alternative when breast augmentation cannot be performed due to excessive skin looseness.

There are various approaches towards Mastopexy. A Full Breast Lift, which provides maximum results in achieving desired breast shape and position, is common though it involves incisions in three areas: the crease underneath the breasts, around the areola, and between the areola and the base of the breasts. A Modified or Limited Breast Lift involves fewer incisions, though the effects are usually less dramatic.

The type of Mastopexy used depends on many factors, including the aesthetic expectation and the natural breast shape of the patient. In certain cases, a Mastopexy may also be performed together with breast implant to achieve exceptional tightening and reshaping results.

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